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Servers & Domains

Polvip Corp. has the expertise and experience to manage every aspect of your domain, from a single domain in a small office to multiple domains spread across several locations. We can also maintain and configure every aspect of your current windows servers or install new one's tailored to meet your current and future needs. Having a properly configured Windows server and domain, you can increase work production and security.

Would you like to see some real world examples of our Windows Server and domain related projects we have successfully completed? Visit our References Section

All work 100% guaranteed!
We offer cost effective rates on a hourly, contract or project basis.

Our expert consultants are:Microsoft Certified Professional's, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator's and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer's.

Windows Server NT 4.0, 2000 or 2003

  • Standard and Custom Installations
  • User Account Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Server Only or Domain Wide Backup Schemes
  • Secure File Sharing Using Security Groups, ACL's and Group Policy
  • Group Policy Configuration
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Active Directory Setup, Configuration and Upkeep
  • Domain Structuring
  • Exchange Server
  • DHCP Install and Configuration
  • DNS Install and Configuration
  • WINS Install and Configuration
  • Optimized Routing and IP Subnetting
  • RAID Configuration < Traffic>
  • Managed and Secure Printer Sharing
  • And More!

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